Highlands Soccer Club
Serving Washington County Virginia

Fall 2016 season runs from September 10th to October 29th

Games are scheduled at 9/10/11am on Saturdays and 6:15pm on Tues/Thurs

Referee Information!

Referee Program:

Highlands Soccer Club encourages those 13 and older to become certified United States Soccer Federation (USSF) referees by attending special training and certification clinics. Upon certification, they are paid to referee recreational and competitive games. If you are interested in being a referee, please contact our Referee Assignor, Kevin Sigmon at kbhnc@comcast.net.

Benefits of being a Referee

1/2 & 3/4 division - $20/game (certified) $15/game (uncertified)

5/6 & 7/8 division - $25/game (certified)

Second year referees get a $5/game raise!

Upfront certification costs ($80) are refunded by HSC upon completion of the certification course. In return, referees work 4 games free to repay the certification costs.

One referee jersey, whistles, yellow/red cards, and game info sheets are provided by HSC free of charge.

Referee Online Assigning Program: www.arbitersports.com.

Game structures

1/2 grade - 8 min quarters, 5 min halftime, size 3 ball, no offsides

3/4 grade - 10 min quarters, 5 min halftime, size 4 ball, no offsides

5/6 grade - 12 min quarters, 5 min halftime, size 5 ball, offsides is called

7/8 grade - 15 min quarters, 10 min halftime, size 5 ball, offsides is called

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